Greetings Scribblers, Kent Shawn here. Today we celebrate the top five amazing stories and the world champion authors who met the challenge of the awe-inspiring, cup destroying, pencil snapping, pen draining, head balding, metaphor mangling, sentence spewing, cash reward reaping, short story competition……OF DOOM!

In First Place Bethany Votaw, and her twisted look at dysfunctional family life in My Brother

In Second Place, Colin Clark, serves up a feast of the fatalistic, a remembrance of the reprehensible, in On the Death of the Old Man.

In Third Place, Wade Bradford takes a short vacation from writing wide eyed wonder for children and dives deep into the decrepit in The Baby

IN Fourth Place, Charlotte Armstrong, gives a frighting warning against infidelity in Stonehearth.

In Fifth Place, Sonya Chaplin, forges a foray into freaky fandom in Writers Block.